Inspired by KAMALA

Shelby, Student

“I’m like Kamala because, just like me, she was a Black girl trying to pursue her dreams in society [while] facing gender inequality.”

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LaToya, Howard University c/o 2005

“Thank you, Kamala, for your truth and for your service.”

Cora, Howard University c/o 2005

I’m like Kamala because going to a [historically] Black university, the Mecca, Howard University, taught me anything is possible. Seeing her as the first woman, Black woman, Vice President of the United States of America makes me feel like I can keep reaching for the impossible.

Erika, Co-founder of Like Kamala

“I see so much of myself in Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. We are both Daughters of Howard University. We are Bonus Moms. We are strong, beautiful Black women. When I see the magic in Kamala, I am reminded of the magic in myself. Even at 37-years-old, Kamala Harris, my Bison sister, is a reminder that I can still do and be anything.”

Darby, Howard University c/o 2005

“I’m like Kamala because I stepped onto Howard University’s campus, learned my calling, and graduated with the charge we are all given when we walk across those sacred grounds: affect change in America and be a leader who seeks to improve the lives of the global community of Black people.”


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