About us

Clothing that allows us to see ourselves in our icons.


NOCI Brown & Cartledge Inc. parent company to “…like Kamala,” was founded to empower the Black community and provide a platform for entrepreneurial pursuits. “…like Kamala” is the first, of several, brands launched under the NOCI Brown & Cartledge Inc. umbrella. “…like Kamala” celebrates our icons; NOCI Brown & Cartledge Inc. is where icons are made.

Our Mission

To inspire pride, boldness, and confidence in all who wear the “…like Kamala” collection.

Our History

When Bison come together, everything is possible.

The “…like Kamala” collection was created by Tuanshanita Brown and Erika Cartledge, co-owners of NOCI Brown & Cartledge Inc. Both are daughters of Howard University and were inspired to launch the collection through a shared love of their alma mater, a sense of pride in Kamala Harris’ historic Vice Presidential nomination and election, and twin entrepreneurial spirits. The “…like Kamala” collection not only celebrates fellow Bison Kamala Harris, but also celebrates icons across the globe and reminds everyone who wears the brand to see themselves in their icons. 


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